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January 2, 2011
Bob Samuelson
Columnist, Newsweek & The Washington Post
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Bob Samuelson BIO:
·Columnist, Newsweek & The Washington Post
·Washington Post Writers Group

·Business Desk, The Washington Post (1969-1973)
·Freelancer (1973-1976)
·National Journal (1976-1984)

·The Good Life and Its Discontents (1995)
·Untruth: Why the Conventional Wisdom Is (Almost Always) Wrong (2001)
·The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath (2008)

·Raised in White Plains, New York
·Graduated Harvard University (1967)

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Info: Our guest is Robert Samuelson, columnist for Newsweek magazine and The Washington Post. He is also syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group. His columns concentrate on economics and politics as well as socio-economic issues. He was hired in 1969 as a metro reporter. When he arrived to work, executive editor Ben Bradlee asked him to take an opening on the Business desk. In 1976, while working for the National Journal, he started a column that was picked up by The Washington Post the following year. He became a columnist for Newsweek in 1984. He has authored several books. The latest was released in paperback in 2010 and is titled, “The Great Inflation and its Aftermath.”

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